Faculty & Staff

Rebecca Melanson

Assistant Extension Professor
Discipline: plant pathology

Central Mississippi Research and Extension Center
Email: ram58@msstate.edu
Phone: (601) 857-2284

Mailing Address
1320 Seven Springs Rd.
Raymond, MS 39154

Recent Publications

  • Melanson, R. A. 2017. How to collect and package plant disease specimens for diagnosis. Mississippi State University Extension, Publication M-1562. 2 pp. Download
  • Melanson, R., A., I. Barphagha, S. Osti, T. P. Lelis, H. S. Karki, R. Chen, B. K. Shrestha, J. H. Ham. 2017. Identification of new regulatory genes involved in the pathogenic functions of the rice-pathogenic bacterium Burkholderia glumae. Microbiology 163(2): 266-279. Download
  • Melanson, R. A., R. S. Sanderlin. 2016. Pecan bacterial leaf scorch. Mississippi State University Extension Service, Publication 3005. 8 pp. Download
  • Snyder, R. G., M. B. Layton, R. A. Melanson. 2016. Organic vegetable IPM guide. Mississippi State University Extension Service, Publication 2036. 16 pp. Download