Aswathy Rai

Aswathy Rai

Assistant Teaching Professor
Undergraduate Coordinator

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education

  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  • M.P.P.A., Mississippi State University
  • M.S., Madurai Kamaraj University, India
  • B.S., Bharathiar University, India

Courses Taught:
  • BCH 4603/6603: General Biochemistry 1
  • BCH 4613/6613: General Biochemistry II
  • BCH 4414/6414: Protein Methods
  • BCH 4804/6804: Molecular Biology Methods
  • BCH 4990/6990: Special Topics: Molecular Mechanisms of Human Disease

Society Membership:
  • American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Association of Biochemistry Educators


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