Esmaeil Amiri

Esmaeil Amiri

Assistant Extension/Research Professor


Research Areas:
  • Pollinator health
  • Pathogenic viruses and immune responses in honey bees
  • Maternal and trans-generational effects in honey bees
  • Honey bee queen reproductive plasticity
  • Honey bee breeding strategy


  • Amiri, E., O. Rueppell, D. R. Tarpy. 2021. Honey Bee Viral Diseases. In T. R. Kane, C. F. Faux (Eds.), Honey Bee Medicine for the Veterinary Practitioner, John Wilsey and Sons, Inc.  Download
  • Amiri, E., J. J. Herman, M. K. Strand, D. R. Tarpy, O. Rueppell. 2020. Egg transcriptome profile responds to maternal virus infection in honey bees, Apis mellifera. Infection, Genetics and Evolution 85:104558. Download
  • Amiri, E., K. Le, C. V. Melendez, M. K. Strand, D. R. Tarpy, O. Rueppell. 2020. Egg-size plasticity in Apis mellifera: Honey bee queens alter egg size in response to both genetic and environmental factors. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 33(4):534-543. Download